Selasa, 30 Agustus 2016

Durian Cake (in rose's shape)

Durian seasons’s back! Yay! It means that, they sold it in the low price at the market. It also means that its time to try a marmer cake recipe that I got sometimes ago! Could I be more happy? This recipe make my mouth wet just by imagined the taste. And turn out, the cake as good as the way i thought about it. This durian cake rich with durian flavor and absolutely very appetizing. I made the cake 2 times, 2 days straight! Yep, the cake is that good! Wanna try? Here the recipe:
Durian Marmer Cake (source : saji tabloid)

·        Butter 225 gr
·        Sugar 125 gr
·        Durian fleash 200 gr
·        Egg 4
·        All Purpose Flour 280 gr
·        Powder milk 20 gr
·        Baking powder 2 tea spoon
·        Chocolate food colored

·        Mix butter and sugar until soft. Add durian. Mix until combined.
·        Add egg one by one alternate with all purpose flour, mix till combined
·        Add the left all purpose flour, milk, and baking powder, mix till combined
·        Pick some amount of dough, give chocolate food colored
·        Drop the chocolate dough in a cirle way at the 22 cm circle mold that already rubbed with margarin/butter. Than drop all the rest dough.
·        Bake at 180 celcious degree for 40 minutes. 

I try the recipe with my new rose silicone mold, so my cake come with beautiful rose shape. At first, I’m not really sure to use this mold to baked in the oven, what if it melt down and ruin everything? But I decide to give it a chance bercause the seal said that it can be heated until 230 celcious degree. And that’s true! As I open my oven door, the rose mold still good. It’s so fun to eat durian cake in the rose shape. Yum!
The cake is easy to make, just try it!

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